THE advantage

In Acts 18:27, the Apostle Paul refers to Apollos as someone who “proved to be a great benefit (or advantage)” to the early church. As the name implies, our heart is to be an advantage to church leaders across Pennsylvania.

In 2016, LCBC Church, the largest church in the Northeast and one of the top 20 largest churches in America, began to feel an increased burden to introduce more people to Jesus throughout our Commonwealth of 13 million people, with a goal to reach the over 8 million who currently don’t attend church.

LCBC began working with 12 like-minded pastors across Pennsylvania to encourage one another, and to share best practices in order to get Jesus to the people.

Over a few short years, that number more than doubled to over 30 like-minded pastors.

Then in November of 2022, after 32 years of serving as Senior Pastor, and seeing God grow LCBC from 150 people and 1 location in Lancaster County, to over 22,000 people gathering weekly in 19 locations across the state, Pastor David Ashcraft stepped away from his Senior Pastor role to focus his full attention on working with other pastors to get Jesus to the people across Pennsylvania.

In 2023, the leadership of LCBC Church commissioned the formation of The Advantage, a leadership collaborative.


Interested in learning more about the benefits of The Advantage? We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your church. 

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